16 May, 2012

My quote about energy drinks

My quote got published on this link. Check here.

This is what it says

Energy drinks now pack a natural punch

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We all want that extra shot of energy for an extra mile, and that’s the raison d’etre for energy drinks. From professionals to health freaks, everyone seems to have tried it for that added punch, and sometimes just to make a statement. Non-drinkers are ordering energy drinks in lieu of normal carbonated drinks at social gatherings to appear “cool”.

Until recently, Red Bull dominated the market, but now it is flooded with a variety of energy drinks. Every drink is claiming to be healthier than its predecessors. Some fitness experts such as Kiran Sawhney even recommend these. “It’s a myth that all energy drinks are bad for the body. It is important to replace the lost minerals and salt after a strenuous workout and there are some in the market now that do just that. They are not necessarily artificial stimulants like we’d imagine, which is a good thing,” says Sawhney.