24 May, 2012

Summer coolers

It was an impromptu lunch program made with Amita. 
These days I am in the process of expanding work. Would soon write on the blog how, what etc. The project is BIG (Fingers crossed).
 It is peak summers in Delhi but I do not mind summers. Rather I detest winters. Summers are very bearable for me. I just try to be comfortable in nice flowy cottons, linens etc.

What I am wearing

Some years back, I had received this beautiful fabric for salwar kameez, with Kashmiri embroidery on it, as a gift. I barely ever wear salwar kameez. So I got this dress tailored for myself with the same fabric. It is cotton and I gladly wear it in summers.
A bandana: Anita Dongre (I always use it to hide my unwashed hair).
Charms bracelet: Swarovski: Gift from my younger one
Watch: Fossil

With Amita

Flat chappals (few of the rare flats I have, since I love wearing heels and am so comfortable in heels): Nine West. Bought in Seattle with my sister. In June 2008, I wore them as below, in Seattle.