31 May, 2012

Taking out negativity from your life is a step towards positivity

Sometimes we do not realize things and before we realize, it is too late. But one only learns from one's mistakes. Sometimes we have people in our life that give you negative vibes. Yet, we overlook them and their mistakes because of various reasons. And then when their term in your life is over, you realize- Oh! good riddance. Now I feel so much more positive. Their moving away from your life proves to be a blessing in disguise. Never question God's scheme of things in your life. Because He has a plan for each one of us and that plan will eventually work out. And if it does not work out, "to picture abhi baaki hai mere dost". Eventually everything will be OK. Surrender and watch what is in store for you.
Sometimes it is important and better for us to take out negative people from our life. We will be happier and positive then.