22 June, 2012

Meeting another gem of a person in milonga

As I have witten earlier, Tango world is lovely and you meet fabulous people and make them friends for life. I met Maria in Barcelona. I had asked her to make a video for me while I was dancing and she was so enthusiastic and helpful. She is chirpy and we clicked immediately. Then we met again the next day for Tango and kept in touch. Sometimes it happens that you meet a person and feel that you have known them forever. She even invited me to her place. But there was such a dearth of time. I hope I can meet her again sometime soon. I must share something so sweet she wrote to me.

 Here it is, in her words

Hi Kiran,

Voy a escribirte en mi idioma para expresarme mejor, lo podrás traducir a inglés y espero que te haga una buena traduccíón.

Kiran, me encantó conocerte, es una pena que no nos podamos comunicar mejor, aunque si estuviésemos juntas por ejemplo en mi casa, sin ruídos, sería un poco más fácil para mí. Aunque a veces no son necesarias las palabras, con un lindo gesto o una linda sonrisa como la que tienes y mes has regalado ya es suficiente.

Espero que nos volvamos a ver pronto, no sé dónde tal vez aquí en Barcelona.

Me hubiese gustado que viniéses a mi casa y compartir una cenita ( cocino muy bien ), pero espero que en otra ocasión lo hagamos.

Tengo una casa en la Costa Brava a 59 km de Barcelona, si pudiéses venir en Agosto te invito a estar en casa. es muy bonita la costa brava. el color del agua del mar,la vegetación. los acantilados, todo es muy muy bonito.

Espero que tengas un buen viaje y llegues bien a tu casa...

Un abrazo enorme


I translated it to understand and this is what it says

Hi Kiran,

I will write in my language to express myself better, you can translate to English and I hope you do a good translation.

Kiran, I enjoyed meeting you, too bad that we can communicate better, even if we were together for example in my home, no noises, would be a little easier for me. Although sometimes no words are necessary, with a nice gesture or a pretty smile like you've given month and that's enough.

I hope we meet again soon, maybe do not know where here in Barcelona.

I wish you to come to my house and share a cenita (I cook very well), but I hope we do it another time.

I have a house on the Costa Brava at 59 km from Barcelona, ​​if you could come in August, I invite you to be home. very nice the Costa Brava. the color of the sea water, vegetation. cliffs, everything is very very nice.

I hope you have a good trip and good to get home ...

A big hug


Maria, a big hug to you. You are such a gem. I loved meeting you. There is something very genuine about your persona. I hope sometime we meet again soon in one of the milongas or maybe at your place or mine. Lots of love and good wishes to you.