08 June, 2012

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Switch to Aqua Aerobics to stay fit in Summers

It is summers and you detest sweating out from your workout. The heat is already causing you a heat stroke. Of course, now you cannot jog outdoor in the scorching sun and even working out indoors is not very comfortable. So how can you effectively workout, burn some calories, shape your body and yet enjoy during the summers. Kiran Sawhney, the fitness expert offers a wonderful solution in the form of aqua aerobics. Here we talk with fitness expert Kiran Sawhney

Using water resistance as a way to get strong & stay in shape is a cool workout and one that leaves you wanting for more. Moreover, its health benefits have been proven by water exercise research.
1.    If you do not know swimming, do not fret. You are standing neck deep in water and doing all the exercises.
2.    Moreover, since you are working against the resistance of water, you end up burning eight times more calories than any other normal floor aerobics.
3.    Yet the buoyancy of water works to help you in the movement. So you work better on your flexibility too. Hence you strengthen & stretch much better in water.
4.    Movements are naturally balanced in water. Muscles that are tight on land are stretched with buoyancy in the water, whereas lax muscles are strengthened with the resistance of water.
5.    Still after a rigorous session in water, you do not come out feeling sweaty but on the contrary, you are fresh.
6.    The hydrostatic pressure i.e. the force of the water against the body, acts like a massage, thereby helping the return of blood to heart more efficiently. Thus respiratory system works better. It also decreases any swelling present.
7.    Age too is no bar. It is suitable both for the aging population and the baby boom’ generation who is looking for more forgiving exercise program that will achieve results.

Aqua aerobics is suitable to cure a variety of ailments like arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, back problems, obesity, osteoporosis etc. It is a low impact activity and hence places no stress on joints. Aquatic fitness is exercise modality that can accommodate all ages, fitness levels, & abilities through a variety of programming options. Water fitness is almost perfect means to condition the body; it not only stimulates the mind but also washes away the stress & rejuvenates the spirit.