23 June, 2012

My kind of Sari

Below is a classic example of various kinds of saris and looks. 
My favorite should not be too hard to guess. It is classic, elegant style of Amala's green sari. She is wearing chanderi. Amala's style is my kind of style. I quite admire her as a person too. My second favorite will be the white one. (I like white, cream, ivory tones in saris).
What I do not like is the embroidered light green sari. Even if it is by Sabyasachi and must have been 5 times more expensive than what Amala is wearing. The Kanjeevaram worn by Jaya Prada, is nice but too heavy for my taste. Plus her blouse with those hanging tasles on her sleeves are a complete no no.
Amala wins hands down, with her simple, refined, understated, muted style. That is what sari should be like. She looks richer than any of the bejeweled and bedecked ladies.

I guess saris should be left to the weavers. Below is a Manish Malhotra sari. I would prefer a simple chicken sari over this done up designer sari. Whether it is Sabyasachi or Manish Malhotra or any designer for that matter, Saris are supposed to be left alone and not designer pieces. Designers at their best spoil them. Textile designer- YES. They can do some wonders with the weaves etc. But not fashion designers. 
If you are wanting to adorn a sari, buy a good hand woven sari, rather than wasting money on designer saris or embroidered tacky saris.

This is what I wore recently at a family function. It was a ring ceremony. A simple chanderi sari.
By the way, finally, me or my blog brought a change in one of the person I know. She used to wear tacky, embroidered saris. Embroidered- like no body's business. The cloth used to be invisible. I used to say, "bhar bhar ke kadai" (lots of/full of embroidery). This time she came in woven saris. Other people in the family told me that it was my copied style.
One fashion/style tip, which is very important. BE ORIGINAL always. Wear your own style. Never copy someone. Get inspired. But do not copy the look that is not yours. You will go a long way then. Otherwise, you end up making a fool of yourself. Because you are neither here nor there. Your style should blend with your personality. It should be a part of you.