28 June, 2012

My Vegan Diet yesterday

Morning- A cantaloupe and 2 mangoes (had worked out a bit extra on TRX and needed extra energy for the tired muscles)

Mid day- handful of peanuts

Afternoon- bowl of sauteed onion, corn, mushroom and iceberg.

Practiced Tango.

Evening- At an event 2 skewers of grilled veggies- broccoli, zucchini, mushroom

came back and had coconut water

Dinner- bowl of french beans and a potato.
Also a bowl of pomegranate later.

P.S- Also had my protein bar of Amaranth. It was in my bag. Was having it while driving.

Weight loss in 3 days of vegan diet- 1 kg. Aiming for another 5 kg.

(Yes, I had gained a bit and am trying to shed that.) Aiming to remain vegan forever now. It feels good. The craving will take some time to subside. But the body is already thanking me.
The next step will be to go Satvik- leave onion as well. Not now. After some time.

Today morning- Had a cantaloupe.

Workout- Bollywood dance.