26 June, 2012

My vegan diet

I pledged to be vegan since yesterday. Presently there is a bit of stage of craving for my favorite foods and being cautious and reading labels. But it is very manageable. And I hope I will sail through and it will become a lifestyle. Today kadi was made at home. I could not/did not have that either. But I am sure, it is a healthier lifestyle.

My diet today

Morning- 1 mango
Afternoon- Handful of peanuts and coconut water
For evening, I did lot of grocery of various vegetables.

I am going to have sauteed onion, garlic, mushroom, corn in olive oil and top it with lettuce.
I might have another fruit like cantaloupe or watermelon.

It actually feels good to be vegan. Feels pure, detoxifying and organic.
I gave up leather also this year. No bags, shoes, anything new bought in leather.
I am trying to party less (my tango/milongas do not/will not count as partying ever), not shop for as long as I can (except for grocery, gifts, etc), workout more, meditate more, read more, focus more on work.

And Fitnesolution also started TRX system workout. Before trying it with clients, first I am trying it on myself. Experimenting, writing, researching, discovering, etc. Soon it will be for clients.