07 July, 2012

Medical fitness conference- Occupational health

I am an executive member of Medical Fitness society of Delhi. It is a committee of renowned doctors, fitness experts, nutritionists and dietitians of Delhi. Some of my earlier blog posts about the same can be seen here and here.

Today we conducted seminar about Occupational Health Services.

I conducted the workshop about office workout.

First there was a lecture.

Then some demonstrations.

Then interactive session. I was answering the questions.

Making people do few exercises.

Showing few exercises.

Showing incorrect one, like below.

And then correct one, like below.

Then correcting them.

And finally doing a quick brush up/summary/demo.

It was so good. I do not really prepare for such workshops. I like to make it impromptu, seeing the audience response, interest, etc. I make it very interactive. It is not some mugged up routine. I like to keep it very energetic, positive and fun. 
The response I got was amazing. People came up to ask for my contact details etc. Media flocked to interview me. Everyone liked what they did and I loved their enthusiasm and participation.

Now must mention, what I am wearing

T and pants- Latidelo, Barcelona

The business entity with name Latidelo S.L., whose main activity is in the country of Spain, and the province of Barcelona, dedicated to retail sale of clothing, is a corporation of type "sociedad limitada"

The color is my sister's favorite- mauve.

I loved this brands coordinated shirts and trousers. But surprisingly, their smallest size was/is too big on me. Yet, I could not resist picking up one for myself.

I was in such a rush in the morning after finishing my 1.30 hour of Yoga and 2 hours of bollywood dance practice, that I had no time to dress up much. Hence, no make up (bad skin visible), no accessories (no jewelry. It is just the T and pants).

But the workshop was a success and the response was incredible. I came back so happy with so many presents.