31 July, 2012

Parasites, strange species

The world is full of bad. Bad people, bad clothes, bad lunches, bad experiences, bad weather, bad relationships, bad heartbreaks. On the bright side, for every Yin, there is a Yang. A good, amazing, fascinating, beautiful Yang. 

I remember Chuck Palahniuk saying: “Have your adventures, make your mistakes, and choose your friends poorly -- all these make for great stories.” Newsflash of the day? If bad friends make for great stories, good friends make for amazing ones!

So whatever happened yesterday, make a determined decision to wake up on the bright side today. Put on your best face & outfit, give a call to a good friend, and go weave an amazing story.

I know all kinds of species (some ridiculous ones too).
There is this girl I know- if one complimented her for anything- her dress, etc, her standard answer used to be, " This is 20 year old, or 15 year old".
While I do understand and appreciate vintage and antique, but what pride does one take by labeling EVERYTHING as more than a decade old? I used to wonder, did she stop shopping a decade back? Is there nothing in her wardrobe which is recent? And yes, her outfits were ridiculously old fashioned. They had frills like Madhuri Dixit wore, in her old movies. Those tailored kind of dresses. And she would say, "these girls of today have started using LV's now. I have been using it for more than 20 years". Good for you girl. But do tell me what were you trying to prove by saying that? I still fail to see the point of living in your past glory. Even if you were some king or queen in the past and owned some kingdom (which she certainly did not), what matters is NOW. Where are you today? Just someone very fictitious or maybe vicious. Even an actor, who gave one time super hit film, cannot live whole life with that one time success. He also constantly needs to prove himself. What matters is present moment.

This character who claimed to own some old C class Mercedes, would NEVER EVER take out her car even outside her gate. (I wonder if it was functional). She always used (and still does) people like me and others for thankless pick and drop service given to her.
I am an extremely independent person and I enjoy my independence. (Which is the reason why I drive myself). But the lesson I learnt was- not give such services to anyone. It takes away your independence. You move according to other person's mood and time. You own your own car, yet, become answerable if you are picking the other person late even by few minutes. You might have to run errands on your way back, but the other person would wish to go back or be dropped to some place which is exactly not a part of your route. You can car pool with your friends once or twice, but not on regular basis. And car pool means that both the parties, equally share the transport. When one party is constantly used as a chauffeur, it becomes cumbersome. You might have your own plans, you might not want to talk on the way, be quite, do some mental work. But such a person will be a parasite on you and chew your brains with constant banter.

6 months before me, this person used someone else, then me for 6 months and now has latched onto another one. There are serial killers. This person also has a set manipulative pattern/ modus operandi.
After 6 months, a person like me is dumped and back stabbed. There is a fall out. Then on a hindsight, one understands the manipulative pattern.

Bottom line- Do not let anyone be parasite on you and suck your blood. Do not ever do thankless jobs.
There are ample number of people out there, ready to use you like a tissue paper.