28 July, 2012


I met this very intelligent ("most intelligent," is more appropriate) friend over lunch (Details about our intelligent conversation is coming up soon). We ate at Fresco. Fresco is originally from Barcelona and a boon for salad lovers like me. I had my fill of vegan food there. Something that I had in large quantity (and I mean 4-5 helpings) was watermelon with hummus. No need to say eeks. I also tried it for the first time and I just loved the combination. Try it. It is nice.

Details about what I wore, will be in the next blog post. This blog post is about our conversation. My friend pointed out (and I second her) how she hates the term, "socialite". Yes, what is so big deal about being a socialite? In fact, it is the dumbest thing to be. It is like labeling yourself dumb blonde. She said, "we all socialize. Who does not socialize? Socializing is about meeting friends. And we all meet friends all the time. We go out for movies with them, have lunches, dinners, etc with them, we might sit in out drawing rooms and chat over a cup of coffee. But do we want to be known as a socialite? Hell no."
Very recently, a senior journalist was sitting with me and said, "Kiran, the media has known you for years. You are well known in the field of fitness. We come to you for your shoots for fitness articles or fitness shows on TV. You do not go to the media seeking attention. We respect you for that. It is good to party and to enjoy the parties. But do not degrade yourself ever, by being with the socialites." And that is true. I love my work, what I do, what I am passionate about. I am a hard core thorough professional where my work is concerned and would like to keep it that way. Yes, my blog is about more frivolous things that I do, my fashion, my parties, my friends, day to day life. But that is my personal blog. But in media, I am known as health and fitness professional and not as a socialite. Come to think of it, it is a derogatory term. And I am not ready to put myself in that bracket. It is true that I enjoy my fashion, parties, socializing, etc. Who does not? But what I am is fitness professional and not a socialite and I will never be a socialite.

Another very intelligent subject, my friend raised was about event/launch invites. She said, " Come to think of it, these multinationals have these launches and invite socialites to these events. What is their agenda? What do you prove by going there? It is different if, your friend is launching something new and has invited you. Then of course, you will go there to support her. But why do people go to Gucci or Burberry launch invite? What are they proving by posing for shutterbugs in that event? That they personally know Fridda Giannini, the creative director of Gucci? These companies are here to sell. They are here to promote their products. What good it is, to be seen at their launches? These so called socialites- their job is to get up in the morning and think about the event that they are going to, that day and what are they wearing. Then bitch about others. That is a shallow life."

Personally, I am not against partying. In fact, I quite enjoy partying, being with friends (only true and quality friends please), dressing up, fashion etc. But my life certainly does not revolve around it. There is a lot of substance. To be seen at an event is certainly not the goal of my life. And I do not want to be known for that.
I like such intelligent friends in my life- like the one I met today. Such friends enrich your life. Bring some positivity. For me, that is actually socializing.