30 July, 2012

Thanks for unfriending on facebook

Few lessons I have learnt in life, that I do apply to myself:
Avoid constantly seeking approval of people. Because that makes them the masters and us the slaves.  Be the king and the queen of your own heart.
In my childhood, I was told the story, whose moral was, "A friend in need is a friend indeed."
In times of adversity, you get to know who your true friends really are and you can actually filter them. Hence, adversity is also a boon. In today's times we have facebook friends, party friends, real close friends, acquaintances. Adversity categorizes these friends for you and lets you know who stands by you through thick and thin and who shows their back to you.
These days, so called friends play kiddish games of unfriending you from facebook also. But there are others, who despite being told (read: instigated), to unfriend you, just stick to you because they have their own brains. Anyways, how childish is this to form teams and go around asking people to unfriend someone from facebook because of their vested interests. Does that really matter whether you stay with me or leave me? I would say at the end of the day it does. Because, that tells me/makes me extra conscious about my so called friend's true character and I can bracket them accordingly as mere acquaintance or friend. When you are climbing up the ladder, you see many people proudly standing with you. On the skids, you find handful of people with you. The adverse situations prove to be the touchstone which tests the real gold for you. Then one should be thankful to those contretemps which filtered out few friends from your friend list and what remained with you was pure gold. It is like rising up of phoenix, like you are detoxifying your life and getting rid of toxins. You should feel blessed. Because when you bounce back, you bounce back stronger and then those unfriended friends have no face to show, no place to hide. You have the last laugh then, at their expense.