27 August, 2012

Argentine Tango theme.

My Birthday party theme had to be Argentine Tango. The invite read, " Tango is not a dance. It is a feeling that is danced. The tango is an embrace in movement. A man and a woman enter a dialogue through their bodies, guided by music, which has an almost somber quality of yearning, of a passion that can never be fulfilled, of a sweet sadness. Two strangers become one for the duration of the dance. Two opposites come together briefly to create the fantasy of a harmonious whole. When you dance tango, you must give everything. If you can't do that, don't dance.
You do not choose tango. Tango chooses you.
El tango te espera (tango waits for you).

With another year adding on my life, let us celebrate, partying at the theme of Argentine Tango (The theme colors of Argentine tango are Red and Black) over drinks and dinner."

There was Tango music being played and most of the guests came wearing red and black. There were Tango posters displayed. Argentine wine, Malbac floated around and the guests enjoyed doing/seeing Tango.