01 August, 2012

Complete make over solution

Yay!! It is August. And I love this month. Not because of monsoon (not at all). But because it is my birthday month.
I do not know about others. But since childhood, I am always excited about my Birthday. The whole year I look forward to it, plan for it, dream about it, etc etc. I have no fear of getting older.

Anyways! update on the work front. My work has expanded. Besides fitness, I have added many feathers to my portfolio. Now my company undertakes complete makeovers. I have a team of doctors (cosmetic surgeons, dermatologist, dietician, dentist, fashion designer, stylist, make up artist, hair stylist, etc) all in house with me. We work on public speaking, grooming, finishing, etc. We work with individuals as well as corporates.

The soft launch was done 3 months back. But we were just testing the waters. Now we are fully into it. We are also undertaking medical tourism for people traveling from overseas for any of their needs.

This month we undertook 12 weight loss surgeries and they have all been successful. Thanks to highly competent doctors- the best ones in the country.

The fitness sessions still go on as before.

Another update. My maiden name is/was Kiran Bajaj. I had to secure a website in my maiden name too. Now I have done that. Type


and see. I have linked it to this website only. :)