11 August, 2012

Kiran fashion's attires for you- 07

As a girl, you have always been doubtful as to what to wear and when.Today, I present to you the journey of a girl from a confused to sorted state of mind. If I was given a chance I would have my wardrobe sorted the way I present in this wardrobe. I will be showcasing all my styles from something very casual to hang out in the mall to very exclusive look which will make you stand out in the crowd. Here I present to you a complete wardrobe, thoughtfully designed, that you can pick up in one go. 

Today, girls are tired to be seen in same old Zara, Mango, etc. They want something exclusive. So, I have worked on a full fashion line for you that you can buy from this blog. Whether you want a complete trousseau planned for you, a complete wardrobe makeover, a holiday wardrobe, this blog is going to help you in your every need. You would no longer have to run around and still not find something of your taste. These garments are stretchable and give perfect silhouette.

In the upcoming posts, you can see my varied pret and couture collection, that is unique, stylish, very fashionable and exclusive. As you know, my pieces, get picked up fast and I have very limited number of pieces. Hence, order soon to avoid disappointment. I have just modeled for these pieces to show on my blog. What you will receive will be a fresh piece. You can email me your order at:
I ship all over the world.

07. Green short dress with umbrella sleeve- It is a very fashionable dress, perfect to be worn at a dance party (Tango, waltz, etc.), to a formal lunch or evening do.It has beautiful studded embroidery on one side which gives it so much of richness. It is opulent, stylish, flamboyant and ultra glamorous. You would love to flaunt this dress in front of your friends. You must have been looking for this neon green color from so long. 

Price: Rs. 14,000/- (For every country the conversion rate is different. I have quoted in Indian Rupee). Shipping cost not included. It can be customized as per your needs- Your size, length, if you want to attach the sleeves, change the design, color, etc. You can also change the color as per your taste and specifications.