11 August, 2012

Indian fashion Blogger

As a girl, you have always been doubtful as to what to wear and when.Today, I present to you the journey of a girl from a confused to sorted state of mind. If I was given a chance I would have my wardrobe sorted the way I present in this wardrobe. I will be showcasing all my styles from something very casual to hang out in the mall to very exclusive look which will make you stand out in the crowd. Here I present to you a complete wardrobe, thoughtfully designed, that you can pick up in one go. 

Today, girls are tired to be seen in same old Zara, Mango, etc. They want something exclusive. So, I am showcasing full fashion line for you 
09. Black short dress with gold-  A cute little dress in solid black color. It is perfect dress for the evening out. Or you can wear it as a tunic.