15 August, 2012

Rock Tape

Did you watch the Olympics? The dedication of the  athletes was amazing. If you watched the Swimming, Volleyball, Weight Lifting and Running, you must have noticed that many of the athletes were wearing tape.
All different colors and it was no ordinary tape. It is called ROCK TAPE.

What is Rock tape?
Rock Tape is a revolutionary new type of therapeutic tape that is great for treating common injuries or enhancing performance.

Rock Tape can be used to treat:

• Achilles tendonitis
• Plantar fasciitis
• Jumpers knee (PFS)
• ACL/MCL issues
• Rotator cuff
• Groin and hamstring pulls
• Lower back issues
• Shin splints
• Tennis and golf elbow
* Neck pain

How does Rock Tape work?

Rock Tape is a natural-hybrid product and consists of 97% cotton,3% nylon and uses no drugs. The adhesive is a hypo-allergenic acrylic based adhesive and contains no latex. When it is manufactured, Rock Tape uses a bias into the weave of the fabric so it stretches in one direction and not the other. This creates what is called a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism which lifts the skin away from the soft tissue. This allows blood to move into an injured area which accelerates healing and recovery.

Rock Tape is also great for correcting tracking issues in knees, shoulders or elbows. It can also be used to correct posture problems including those associated with pregnancy. It stays on in the shower, pool and ocean. It even lasts for 5 to 7 days. It is safe for all populations as well as children. Whether you are an individual, coach, doctor, trainer, etc. This is a great way to support healing.

In their various testimonials, people have reported that their neck movement increased, their posture became better, their knee pain was better, athletes who had injuries could recover and run better, people with knee replacement surgery reported that it gave them great support, exercise physiologist involved in rehabilitation and fitness reported that it helped their patients a lot. There are videos on youtube showing you how to tape it up.

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