29 August, 2012

Sale of Indian bedcovers

I am selling these Bed covers which are block printed, vegetable dyed, hand embroidered with kantha stitch (It is a running stitch. Made all over the bed cover with hand). They are made in Rajasthan (Jaipur). There are many interesting designs and colors. But this is just a preview to see how much my readers are interested in buying them. They are very reasonable and affordable. They can also make a great gift. For a cost of bouquet of flowers, you can gift these bed covers to anyone- any gender, any age group. They will be appreciated by everyone.
For placing your order, you may email me at
While placing your oder quote the number I have put to describe each piece.
Price is mentioned in Indian Rupee. I can courier them internationally. The shipping charges extra.
The double bed cover is for king size bed. Besides that I have single bed cover for single bed.
All the kantha work embroidered bed covers (single and double) have two layers of fabric. There is a plain fabric underneath.

1. Printed bed sheet for double bed- No embroidery. Rs. 1000/-

2. Kantha work double bed cover- Rs. 2500/- This is my personal favorite.

3. Kantha work double bed cover. Rs. 2500/- Same as above but in different shades.

4. Kantha work single bed cover-fuchsia and orange. Rs. 1200/-

This is how it looks from underside.

5. Kantha work double bed cover- Rs. 1500/-

6. Kantha work double bed cover with elephant motif. Rs. 1500/-

7. Kantha work multicolor double bed cover. Rs. 1500/-

8. Kantha work single bed cover- indigo blue. Rs. 1200/-

9. Kantha work single bed cover- maroon. Rs. 1200/-

Each piece is carefully designed, printed and embroidered and is unique piece of art. Hurry! limited stock available.
Export and wholesale queries also entertained.