05 September, 2012

Chanderi Saris for sale

To place your order, email me at
Quote the number mentioned for each sari to place your order
Shipping charges extra.
I ship worldwide.
Please order ASAP. These sarees are selling like hot cakes. If you order 2-3 days later, they are gone and then I have to refuse people saying it is sold out. I cannot update each piece as sold out or in stock. But these pieces do not last beyond 2-3 days. I have limited stock. So I have to sell them on first come first served basis. Apology to those to whom I have not been able to sell. But if a post is older than 2-3 days, automatically consider it sold out.

1. Peach Gold Chanderi

2. Green tissue Chanderi
Rs. 9750/-

3. Reddish Orange tissue chanderi
Rs. 9750/-

4. Cream Chanderi with gold palla and border
Rs. 9650/-

5. Deep pink
Rs. 4400/-

6. Black
Rs. 4400/-

7. Mauve
Rs. 10,000/-

8. Green
Rs. 6500/-

9. Purple
Rs. 9000/-

10. Red.
Rs. 4900/-

11. Black
This is palla

This comes on pleats.

12. Tissue gold color. It is looking greenish in pictures. But it is gold tissue with purple/blue border.
Rs. 10,000/-

Trying to show the real gold color.

13. Rust

14. Cream and gold
Rs. 9000/-

15. Tissue Orange.
Rs. 9900/-

16. Cream and gold
Rs. 4500/-

18. Shades of purple, blue, pink

19. Black, red and gold
Rs. 10,000/-

20. Purple and green shaded

21. Rust
Rs. 7500/-

22. Cream, red and gold
Rs. 10,000/-

23. Yellow and green shaded
Rs. 6700/-

as shown below, yellow part of the body of sari has shades.

24. Orange and pink shaded
Rs. 6700/-

as shown below, orange part of the body of sari has shades.

25. Red and orange
Rs. 6000/-