02 September, 2012

Kiran Sawhney's weight loss secret revealed

So many of you constantly ask me this question, " How are you becoming younger and slimmer every day". In this blog post, I am going to share my secret with you. To say it in very short, the answer is Alkaline water.
Understand the aging process and what causes obesity and how you can reverse it.
Aging and obesity are primarily caused by acidity and by spoiling the PH balance of your body. We are born with correct PH balance which is neutral. But what we eat and the water we drink- whether it is filtered water or mineral water, it is all acidic in nature. We have the inability to detox completely and our bodies accumulate acidic waste over a period of time, which in turn leads to slow down of metabolism. Acidity is also caused by stress, pollution, medication and due to negative emotions and thoughts.
Acidity causes weight gain, tiredness, low energy levels, speeding of aging which reflects on the quality of our skin, hair etc, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, tooth loss, gas, bloating, headache, migraine, tumor cells, cancer. It also blocks the vitamin absorption and starves the body of essential nutrients.

Now to reverse this, we need to make our system more alkaline in nature. How do we achieve that?

  • You achieve it by drinking alkaline water
  • Increase the intake of alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce acid forming foods in your diet 
  • Minimise the stress
For this it is very important to drink alkaline water. It has been proven to give you a weight loss of 4 kg per month by just drinking alkaline water. Suddenly you discover a slimmer, healthier and more energetic self. The skin starts glowing. 
The benefits of drinking Alkaline water are that

It hydrates six times better than the conventional water
It energizes and detoxifies you.
It helps to reduce the acidity.
It slows down the aging process.
It helps you to loose weight by maintaining a healthy PH balance
It prevents acne
It increases stamina and endurance of athletes.
It increases your energy levels.
It reduces muscle stiffness and spasm.
It prevents constipation.
It prevents morning sickness in pregnancy.
It boosts up the immune system.
It protects allergies.
It prevents hangover.
It makes men more sexually potent.
Regularizes irregular periods of women.

For first time in India, I have launched alkaline water jug and ionizer. Both these are not available in the market at all. 

This is and Ionizer which works for the whole family. It works like your normal filter water but gives you two options of getting acidic and alkaline water of your chosen specification and PH balance.

From this you can also take out acidic water to wash your face. That is very good oxygen rich water. Also plants grow better with acidic water. Your indoor plants and stems require acidic water. So you can take out water for that purpose. Then you have various levels of alkaline water- to drink, to cook, etc. This machine will be installed at your home for the whole family use. My team comes and installs it at your place and also explains you its functioning.

The cost of this machine is Rs. 53,000/-

Before investing in the machine- ionizer, you might want to try and test it. 
I assure you, it works. I have got clients who have used it. I use it myself.

I have testimonials of clients who have lost weight drastically after drinking alkaline water, their acne cleared. It also helped in cases of PCOD.
Men have pot bellies and women to have hanging abdomen, which never seems to go despite innumerable exercises. I guarantee, it can help you have a flat stomach. Once your PH balance is taken care of and you are no more acidic in nature, you have no reason to have big fat stomach.

Here is a jug for a single person's use. This you can keep it at home or in your office. 
Price of this jug is Rs. 6000/-
Once you are satisfied with the results, you might choose to invest in ionizer.

To order it, email me at