28 September, 2012

My interview in Deccan Herald

Today is a World Heart day. My interview in Deccan Herald got published here on this link. This is what it says.

For those who feel the pangs often should follow a trick of carrying goodies with them, like high fibre biscuits, fruits and oats. One can also beat this lifestyle disease by following a strict exercise regime, says Kiran Sawhney, a fitness trainer. 

“Youngsters should take stairs instead of riding the elevators and escalators or park their cars a few metres away from their office building, so that they can walk a bit. Nowadays, all of us lack exercise. Cardio-vascular exercises like aerobics, jogging, running and walking are great ways to make your heart fit.” 

A normal heart beats 72 times per minute whereas it is nearly 45-50 beats in case of athletes. The lesser the number of heart beats, the healthy a heart is. “So, to increase stamina and endurance levels, one should take up more exercises which will strengthen it,” says Kiran.