08 October, 2012

Approval and rejection

What most of the people seek is "Approval". People fear rejection. Hence, you base your actions on other's approval. You want to be a part of a particular mould. Appear in a certain way approved and looked up to by others. You want to appear happening, social climber.
People dress up as part of the herd. In office, you will dress up the way others do. You will not wear a certain thing to office because, "no one else wears it". In your friend circle, you will follow what others wear. You would always say the right things- politically correct and very diplomatic. Be yourself for once and see how emancipating and liberating it is.
Just when you would stop caring about what others think about you, you would be unshackled. It would not matter- neither their approval nor rejection.
Where is the need to appear- successful, bright, happening, most intelligent, humble, down to earth, social butterfly, part of the accepted society, part of the happening circle, powerful, wealthy, happy all the time, or for that matter-gloomy all the time, etc.
Be yourself and do not give more importance to others than your own self. Seek your own approval. Live life on your own terms. Do things that please you without bothering what others may think, say or feel about you. The day you start leading your life in this manner, you will be set free from many bondages. You will start breathing.
People try to be a part of a certain group. It is important for them to be seen with certain people or at a certain do. They actually have no deep bonding with each other. They are superficial friends (read: acquaintances) with no depth. They continue to lead a very shallow life which eventually leads to sadness and depression. The only solution is get out of the rat race and rut and lead a meaningful life with meaningful people around you. More importantly, lead it on your own terms without caring for being accepted.
Unleash yourself and let go!