04 October, 2012

Buy Indian traditional hand woven Sari

Here is the newest collection. These saris are handwoven. I have limited stocks. Each piece is single and unique. If it gets sold out, I do not have its another one and it is not possible to get its another piece. These pieces are picked up immediately. If you like something, do not take too long to decide to place your order.

Quote the blog post and number written against each piece to place your order. To order, email me at
I ship internationally.
Shipping charges are extra.

1. Kora sari- white, gold and pink
Rs. 12,000/-

2. Kora sari- White and red
Rs. 16,000/-

3. Tussar kora sari
Rs. 11,000/-

It has this jute colored blouse with it.

4. Banaras silk sari- white with purple border
Rs. 20,000/-

5. Banaras silk sari- white and gold
Rs. 18,000/-

6. Banaras silk sari
Rs. 20,000/-

7. Kora sari- white and blue
Rs. 11,000/-

8. Kora sari
Rs. 11,000/-

9. Kora sari- purple
Rs. 12,000/-

10. Kora sari- fuchsia
Rs. 12,000/-

11. Kora Sari- peach
Rs. 12,000/-

12. Kora sari- white and red. Half on the bottom is paisley. It has woven red palla. 
Rs. 20,000/-

This is the blouse piece

The upper half is striped.

13. Kora Sari
Rs. 13000/-

14. Kora sari
Rs. 13,000/-

15. Kora Sari- Light mauve and gold.
Rs. 9000/-

This is the blouse piece

16. Kora Sari- Yellow and pink
Rs. 12,000/-

17. Kora Sari- white and pink
Rs. 8000/-

18. This is the master piece of this lot.
It is gold net sari. Very fine banarasi net. It has delicate and subtle multi colored dhakai weave.
Rs. 21,000/-

19. Kora silk cotton sari- deep pink and red
Rs. 6000/-

20. Kora silk cotton sari- deep pink
Rs. 4500/-

21. Kora silk cotton sari
Rs. 4100/-

22. Kora silk cotton sari
Rs. 5000/-

23. Kora silk cotton sari- pink
Rs. 5000/-

24. Kora silk cotton sari
Rs. 6300/-

25. Kora silk cotton orange sari. This is the most different in silk cotton lot- very broad border and nice color combination.
Rs. 5000/-

26. Kora silk cotton sari
Rs. 5000/-

27. Tussar Kheencha sari- white
Rs. 14,000/-

28. Madhubani painting sari
Rs. 14,000/-