20 November, 2012

Calcium sources for vegan diet

People who want to know about vegan sources calcium and who believe that not having milk/dairy will give them calcium deficiency, here is a list of vegan foods rich, rather richer in calcium than milk.

here's the chart I have made for calcium for advocacy purposes. This is the list of foods that have high amount of calcium than cow's milk, coz ppl often take cow's milk as benchmark :). Important fact to tell people that calcium in cow's milk is not fully absorbed due to high contents of protein. Protein inhibits calcium absorption. Not only that, it creates a high acidic environment which in turn can leach out calcium from bones, leading to be the major cause for osteoporosis. Besides this, here's a link with calcium in several spices and herbs which is very very high http://calcium.rich-vegetarian-foods.com/100g.html 

Dried basil >2113
Til (Sesame seeds) 1470
Poppy seed 1438 (need good verification)
Agathi Greens 1130
Curry Leaves 830
Tandulja leaves (a variety of amaranth in Maharashtra and gujarat) 800
Amaranth leaves 530
dry mustard seeds 490
Moringa(drynstick) Leaves 440
Dry lotus stem 405
Methi (Fenugreek) Leaves 395
Ragi 344
Horsegram 287
Kala channa 287
Radish(muli) leaves 265
Rajma (Kidney beans) 260
flax seeds 255
Soyabean 240
Betel Leaves 230
Badam (Almonds) 230
Chana (Chickpeas) 202
Moth dal 202
Corriander (Cilantro) 184
Mustard leaves 155
Urad 154
Jack fruit seeds 133
Moong (Green gram) 124
Cow’s Milk only 120!!!