06 November, 2012

Simple cotton sari look

A simple post and a simple picture here.

The post says, "In only takes a simple cotton sari some days. We think Maria looked great".

Have a look at whole of the blog highheelconfidential and analyze all the looks.
I think what a simple traditional sari can do to an Indian women, no other look can surpass that. It is effortlessly chic, suave, sophisticated and yet very sexy. It is quintessential essence of womanhood. It is subtle, yet  statement. She sounds very sure of herself. She exudes confidence and poise. This look is surely a head turner. Even if you do not accessorize much, yet the look is complete in itself. All you need to do is add a touch of bindi. Whether it is expensive sari, or a simple, inexpensive cotton sari, if it is a traditional Indian sari, you cannot go wrong with it. It will work everywhere- formal, casual, workplace or home.
I was going through the blog and seeing women in expensive gowns, short dresses, furs, designer bags, clutches and shoes. But what this look creates- an impact- no other look can match this.
Why are we Indians deviating from this look? If you cannot manage it on everyday basis, do it sometimes. At least once a month. It is a refreshing change. Drape this beautiful attire and be lost in a wonderland. Feel and look gorgeous!!