02 November, 2012

What is too good to be true?

Facebook status updates are food for thought (sometimes). I read this on fb today. If your first intuition is, "its too good to be true, " its because it probably is. Respect your intuition.

My take on it- Is it not underestimating yourself and your true worth? Why would you doubt something as too good to be true for yourself? Why not think instead, "I am worth it".

Let me give you a background about myself. I hail from a small town in Punjab, where I was born and brought up. When I was growing up, I did not grow up with computers, internet, facebook, etc. If you  are 40+ like me, you too might not have grown up with it. Over past two decades, all of us have witnessed drastic changes around us- in terms of advancement of technology, changes in lifestyle, spending powers etc. None of this ever made me think- it is too good to be true for me. I have never underestimated my self worth. I am as comfortable in a very upscale plush set up with high profile dignitaries as I am in a modest set up. Nothing sweeps me off my feet. And why should it?

Once you are connected with your inner deeper self, once you are grounded, nothing outside sways and shakes you. Nothing and nobody is too good to be true for you. Nobody is doing a favor to you by praising you. You deserve it. Why do you think they are flattering you? Believe in your own self, your capabilities and your potentials. Doubt the negative and not the positive. Learn to take compliments graciously and not doubt them. At the same time, do not let them go to your head. Nor let anyone pull you down. That is why I said, be grounded and connected to your self. That comes through meditation. Once you are connected, vast doors and possibilities open up for you. Things that you have never even dreamt of. The world is yours. HE is ready to give it to you. Are you ready to accept it? Or are you rejecting it by having seeds of doubts in your mind? Open your arms, receive and embrace. HE has great plans for you.