31 December, 2012

Brother's Sangeet ceremony in Las Vegas

The next day was Sangeet ceremony. Sangeet is like a musical night in Indian weddings where we have lots of Bollywood dancing, music and revelry. It was such a gala event. There was lots of pre planned choreography from the bride's side. 

Below is Yours Truly with mom, dad and my adorable nephew.

My chachi (aunt), my good looking, cousin brother (chachi's son) and his fiancee.

My brother is 6'3" tall. It shows.

With mom and nephew in out hotel room. After getting all dressed.

My other younger sister, my other cousin from New Zealand and his wife and daughter.

My younger sister. 

Dad with his two daughters.

Laughter and cheer in the air.

My chachi.

I wanted to wear this traditional jhoomur (hair accessory), for the sangeet.

Watching lovely dances being performed.

That is my other cousin brother who is performing.

Mom and dad watch the dances intently and enjoying.

And here comes Yours Truly. How could I not dance for my brother's wedding?

With my chachi and other good looking cousin. We were in such a joyful mood.

And some more family pictures.

View from the top o the hotel. Las Vegas lights.

Beautiful hotel decor.