31 December, 2012

Brother's Wedding

It was a wedding to remember. Something very grand. Witnessed by Las Vegas. People all around gathered to see us Indians in our full finery. People were clicking our pictures like paparazzi. We were having a ball of a time.
Here I am proud sister with her two handsome brothers. One of them is a groom.

With my chachi.

Sister (that is me) doing sehra bandi- making the groom wear sehra (on his head and face).

While pandit ji (priest chanted his mantras).

Both sisters doing it together.

My little nephew was Sarbaala. It is like the best man- but in Indian marriage, he is the young boy, a family member, preferably sister's son. So here he is.

In in Las Vegas, there was a ghodi (the horse), on which my brother sat like a prince, going to get married to his beautiful bride. My nephew, his sarbaala, sat with him.

My dad, the head of the family, enjoying all the celebrations and giving his blessings.

We even danced on the road. That is how Indians do singing dancing, dhol (drums) on the road, in front of the horse. For people of Las Vegas, it was a sight to witness.