29 December, 2012

Delhi Vegan group- Potluck

For few months, now I have tried to be a vegan. I still find it tough to resist cheese. But thinking about cows, their calves and because of being compassionate for them, I try to avoid dairy products. I have always been vegetarian. Hence, giving up meat was never an issue.

Yesterday, I was happy to be invited by this Delhi vegan group potluck party in garden of five senses. We sat basking in the sun in winter, had a small picnic, introduced ourselves, talked about being vegan and our believes, the questions we are asked by non vegans, the vegan alternatives available for our favorite foods, etc etc.
Also we do encourage non vegans even non vegetarians to join our group and be a part of it. We do not force our believes on anyone. Being vegan is being gentle and compassionate. It was a good interaction. They intend to have monthly vegan potlucks.