29 December, 2012

Hip hop with Milo

Milo Levell is a world class celebrity choreographer and master hip hop dance fitness creator and trainer.
MILO LEVELL is the pioneering force behind the hip hop dance and fitness craze
sweeping the world. He is an internationally recognized veteran Move-Master who
inspired and trained many of today’s leading choreographers and dancers who have
JENNIFER LOPEZ, and MICHAEL JACKSON just to name a few. Milo’s genuine talent
ranges from choreographer, dancer, and fitness professional to recording artist, music
producer, deejay and even clothing designer. His charismatic personality and exuberant
positivity has made him a shining light and a strong influence in both the fitness and
dance worlds.
Milo Levell is one of the most widely recognized international ambassadors of Hip Hop
dance. For over 25 years he has paved the way, making a significant mark in the fitness
industry with such exciting and innovative projects as HIP HOP BODY SHOP, The first
hip hop fitness/dance television workout show that aired on ESPN2. The video series of
this Tv program were the first of its kind and best sellers. Milo has recently returned
from living in Italy to be a part of TEAM OC. A $15 million dollar 45,000 square foot,
state of the art, Dance, Gymnastics and Recording Studio. Business owner, Cory Sukert
and Dance Director Melanie Andrews-Wilder recruited Milo especially for his signature
Fitness Program to launch exclusively in the OC where classes are already selling out!
Milo is one of the most requested presenters and performers around. Milo was one of
the first in our world history to dance for Pope John Paul II, in the incrediible
Jubileo program held in the Vatican in 2000. Milo has traveled to over 30 countries
teaching not only hip hop dance, but hip hop fitness. He was the first to take a chance
and bring hip hop from the streets into the fitness studio. Henry Seigel (ex husband of
Karen Voight -Fitness Guru) Gave Milo his first chance at the then world famous Voight
Fitness and Dance Center in the middle of Hollwyood. Milo had no students for 2
weeks. Then one day he walked in and the front desk shouted “you have a student! and
it’s Julia Roberts!” Julia fell in love with the funky workout, endorsed it and Milo’s class
became a sell out, and boosted him into the Fitness and Dance World! Milo was
involved as the musical director, choreographer and "mixologist" for actor, Blair
Underwood's project, IM4, a one-man show with a Hip Hop flavor. He was also a
featured dancer and choreographer in an “old school” show with singer, Cheryl Lynn.
Among others tapping into Milo's positive energy are celebrity clients such as Julia
Roberts, whom Milo trained personally, Jessica Alba, (Milo trained Jessica for Feature
Film Honey) LL Cool J, Stevie Wonder, Boys to Men, Arnold Swartzenegger, Maria
Shriver, Rikki Lake (Rikki’s first born is named after Milo) Diana Ross, Helen Hunt,
Sandra Bullock, and Tia Carrere to name a few.
Milo is looking forward to launching his new Fitness programs and ideas on Television
and DVD’s. He is also preparing a documentary of his rise to the top of Hip Hop and
Funky Fitness for Ellen & Oprah TV shows! Milo took a chance more than 10 years ago
by bringing hip hop dance into the fitness studio. Now you can find hip hop fitness and
dance classes anywhere around the world! Can’t wait to see what he stirs up next.
Guess you can say “Daddy’s Home!!