27 December, 2012


Hello my dear readers,

2013 is not yet here. Few more days to go but high time for me to SLOWLY resurface. Yes, I have been out of touch. I have got your emails and messages but have not had time to connect with you. Apologize for that. Before I straight away get into what I have been doing, I will start posting my old old old posts, which I had been writing and saving but was not publishing. Then slowly slowly, step by step, we will come to current happenings in my life. We will get there. Stay with me and stay connected. First and foremost, some of the changes or resolutions for 2013.

1. Staying off from Facebook personal page. I will continue to exist on fb, my blog posts automatically get posted there but I will be personally off from there. Hence no comments on anyone's pictures or posts, no likes, no check ins, nothing. I will use it for messaging people once in a while and use it more extensively to promote my business of 3 F's- Fitness, Fashion and Fun (TANGO).

2. Start Argentine Tango classes, followed by practicas, milongas and an annual festival. Start it in a completely professional way- which no one has ever done in India so far. So if you are based in Delhi, and would like to learn Tango from me, connect with me. More information about that is coming soon.

3. Focus on work and on my own self enhancement- do more meditaion, more workout, more dancing, more reading, more healthy habits, staying vegan.

4. Use internet only for work, blogging, email, my websites and e commerce.

5. Blog regularly.

Last but not the least- Love the life I live and live the life I love.