19 January, 2013

A beautiful day in my life

How did my day look like today?

Woke up at 6AM. Freshened up, did my morning workout, meditation, other morning rituals, blogged, checked Internet, had breakfast till 9.
Started warming up for my dance. Did all the bar exercises- till 10AM.
Practice with Daniel started at 10. 
I had my practice partner- Andrea. Such a cute person. (Tomorrow we have girl's night out).
Took an hour break for lunch.
Started again at 3 PM. This time I had a Chinese girl, Kitty, as my practice partner. Daniel taught some more new moves. Fabulous, outstanding ones.
The practice finished at 6 PM. And I am not tired. I am only excited.
Life is good. I am going to miss this in New Delhi.

Daniel tells me about me that as a leader, I am a 12 year old boy. I could have never believed it a year back, that I would be saying this ever. But I told him today, "Please make me a man before I go."
Daniel told me, "Enjoy every phase of your life. Because when this 12 year old boy goes and a man comes, you would never get the boy again in your life. This phase will never come back again. So enjoy this."

This is Grandma Daniel's finishing school. Here little girls leave as ladies and little boys leave as men- true milongueros.
Daniel said, "When leaders are women, they are smarter than men".
I am learning to lead with strategy not force. By letting and not leading.

This is beautiful phase of my life.