04 January, 2013

Double flip with death trap

This is what we were doing- Daniel Trenner and me.
Excuse my clothes and shoes- this is what happens when I am in studio from 7 AM- 11.30 PM and finish dinner (very exotic salad made by Daniel) at midnight.
He is a living legend of Argentine Tango.
He is my Grand Ma. He is the oldest of milongueros who learnt it from authentic old milongueros. He is walking talking encyclopedia of Tango with the most authentic and advance style of teaching and methodology. 

“Daniel’s experience in tango is almost unparalleled of any teacher I know.  He was studying tango in Buenos Aires in the 1980’s with many milongueros that are no longer with us and not only learned from, but documented a lot of them on film.   Because of this he has a unique perspective in the tango world today — bridging the old and new styles and being able to transmit his knowledge to students in an informed, entertaining, and well-thought out manner.”
- Alex Krebs