30 January, 2013

Few last days in US.

It is snowing here. Heavy snowfall. The temperatures are dipping. But inside it is warm and comfortable.

Four of us went out for dinner. I have last few days left in US.
Here is Yours truly with Daniel Trenner. We were cracking some Tango jokes. (Thats what we eat, breathe, talk about).

This is Daniel's senior apprentice and his lovely mom, Naureen. Naureen is lovely. At 83, she is so active. She walks faster than me. She is cleanliness freak, very charming, she drives me and takes me shopping and in fact, to my surprise, helps me with shopping and selects right things for me. She is a voracious reader and you can discuss books with her. We are very fond of each other.

With Daniel, in the studio, after finishing our dance practice and taking my heels off.

Lauren, me and Daniel.