12 January, 2013

Kind of men I do not like

Daniel says, "Men, they are all idiots. One look at him should be enough to tell you that he is going to fail. That you should not trust him. Men are never trustworthy."

I should apply it to my real life and not just Tango.
Kind of men that have always put me off and will continue to do so:

1. Loud, foul mouth, abusive (verbally, physically, emotionally).

2. Men who do not have balls. They should borrow from me. I do not know how to deal with men who are chickens. So I just back off. I do not know how to instill my strength in such men. If they can't deal with it, I offer no support. They are spineless.
Live examples of man with no balls: How do you deal with such men?

A. Some jerk abuses you in a party. Of course, that man is a jerk. That is besides the point. But your man (or whom you considered your man), tells you, "cmmon! lets leave".
B. Man tells you- "I am hosting a reception at my house but I cannot invite you to my house because others want me not to invite you."

3. Unpunctual men. I am a stickler of time. I respect my and other person's time and expect them to do so too.

4. Inconsistent, insecure, ill mannered, possessive men with fragile egos.

5. Men who have no passions, goals, ambitions in life, who have a laid back attitude.

6. Pushy men, who cannot take NO for an answer.

7. Men who do not give me my space.

8. Last but not the least, men who are shrewd, who plot and scheme. Oh yes. There are men (like we have vamps in Hindi soaps), who are always plotting and scheming, I have countered those men species too. And since, I am pretty simple, I cannot cope and deal with that kind of plotting.

Well! all these apply to women too, in one way or the other. But these for me, are a big no no in any man.

Off late, I have started realizing, I also get put off by men/women, who eat disgusting amount of meat. I  try to be non judgemental and not rule any one's life. I can handle some amount because most of my friends eat meat. But beyond a certain point, it grosses and disgusts me. That is when I squeeze my nose and try to look away.

Men think that they are the head of the family. Daniel rightfully says, "Sure, man is the head. But a woman is the neck and she can turn him any which way she wants."
Daniel also says, "Women can only be right always."
Daniel tells me, "As a woman, be snob, be haughty. He has to earn his dance before asking you for a dance." Daniel says, "Argentinian women were taught this by their Grandmas everyday. From the moment she stepped out of the house, to even the doorway of milonga, she was pretty. She knew things and lived them 24/7." That is why Daniel calls himself "Grand ma."
Daniel says, "If your man is falling, you lift him up." In Tango I might (maybe not), but in real life, for sure, I will let him fall flat. He deserves to.