08 January, 2013

Nanuk in snow

I have adapted so well to cold and winters. I am not afraid of it anymore. I have almost started enjoying it. Daniel calls me Nanuk. In the picture below, we were about to start our training. My notebook in my hand. I had no layers, no jacket, just my regular fleece top and bottom.
Never knew, I wont miss Delhi.
My state of mind presently:
Very happy- ecstatic.
Very peaceful (away from Delhi politics. Amongst nice people).
Soaking new information like a sponge.
Ready to learn.
Looking forward to start Tango classes back home- itching to do that.

Delhi people are you ready to learn Argentine Tango? My first group starts in February. It is going to be a weekend class held in my studio. To know any further detail or to register. 
Email me: kiran.sawhney@gmail.com
Everyone is welcome.

Daniel teaching Tango.