14 January, 2013

Post Card from New York

Together in Manhattan, New York.

I am wearing

Jacket: Jessica Simpson. 
Bought in US with Daniel, when we had actually gone to buy my practice shoes as leader. All this while I was happy shopping for beautiful heels as follower. Now I have to buy shoes as leader too. 

Scarf: Kashmir shawl Emporium, 94, MM Janpath, New Delhi.
Contact: kshawl@vsnl.com

Cap: Borrowed from Daniel.

He is wearing
Jacket: Paul & Shark
Shirt: Lacoste

We stopped for vegetarian/vegan lunch at his favorite place.

At Times Square

Thats the place where we had our vegan lunch. Maoz.

I filled my bowl. To take it away with me and munch later (while writing this blog).

And here comes Yours Truly posing happily in Manhattan, New York.

I am holding my food bag.

Needle and thread.

In picture below, he can be seen far left.

We both can be seen- far left.

We both can be seen in the middle.

And he waves his hand.

Empire State Building.