06 January, 2013

The best Christmas party of my life

I told the host that it was the best Christmas feast, I had ever had. Beautiful house in Malibu in LA. It had a pool.

Cute lil decorations in the garden.

Big Christmas feast.

Lovely chinaware.

Lots of cooking

One dog was dressed as reindeer.

And the other as Santa Claus.

Big table was laid for all the guests.

This was made from breads.

Decorations hung from high ceiling.

So many candles.

Each chair decorated with Christmas theme.

Innumerable toys

And more Christmas decorations.

The whole house had walls which were hand painted like this.

Each and every corner was decorated painstakingly.

And even the powder room. All the pictures below are of powder room.

And then I saw more porcelain.

Cute and super rich.

Piano reminded me of my two friends in Delhi.

And see the painting.

And very English tea cups.

And big Christmas feast.

This is for my two pianist friends in Delhi.

My vegan food.

Hand painted walls.

Lots of presents below a big Christmas tree.

I was told that the doors, etc of the walls were originally bought from a old chapel.

And it was time to unwrap all the presents.