03 January, 2013

Training with Daniel Trenner

"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck".
Dalai lama

If you think about it, one moment changes your life forever.

And so is in my case. Being out casted from the Tango festival in my own home country, not being invited to the private Tango party of my own friend (or whom I considered friend), and even by my so called Tango partner, was a tight slap on my face (a public slap). Yes, it did hurt. I tried to find fault within me. Why me? What wrong did I do? But then reason prevailed. I did not do any wrong. I have strong potential. These idiots are too challenged by my free spirit. These men are insecure. I need to now rise up- much higher. Prove myself yet again.
India must be a country with the smallest Tango community in the world and also let me officially announce it that it is the most petty community. Can anyone quote one country like this, where the best Tango dancer is outcast from the Tango festival because of the insecurity of the organizer? India has set the worst example for the World Tango community. I am one Tango aficionado who is more well known for her skills and is respected more in the Tango community overseas than in my own home country. But the whole Tango community is not to be blamed for this. It is just handful bunch of fools stomping their foot in the name of Tango, who are ruining the Tango scene in India. They are not letting it grow in the right direction. Yes, they do organize a festival. But they kill the whole spirit. They try to monopolize the whole scene. It is more of rivalry than revelry. And if rivalry is what they have created and sought, I intend to answer them in their own language. Wait and watch.
Do I give up? No. I have never given up. 
I have signed up with Daniel Trenner. New resolve to enhance my skills. Open my own Tango school. Build my own community of Tango- where these buffoons will not matter. They never mattered anyways. 

You know the bed feels warmerSleeping here aloneYou know I dream in colorAnd do the things I want
You think you got the best of meThink you've had the last laughBet you think that everything good is gone
Think you left me broken downThink that I'd come running backBaby you don't know me, cause you're dead wrong
What doesn't kill you makes you strongerStand a little tallerDoesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone
What doesn't kill you makes a fighterFootsteps even lighterDoesn't mean I'm over 'cause you're gone
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, strongerJust me, myself and I
You heard that I was starting over with someone newThey told you I was moving on over youYou didn't think that I'd come backI'd come back swingingYou try to break meBut you see...
Thanks to you I got a new thing startedThanks to you I'm not the brokenheartedThanks to you I'm finally thinking 'about meYou know in the end the day you left was just my beginningIn the end...
It’s not always about trying to fix something that’s broken. Sometimes it’s about starting over and creating something better.

If you want a happy ending, it depends, of course, on where you stop your story.