12 January, 2013

Universal Studio- Part 10

This was interesting. My sister who had been to Universal studio had described to me this part before and I was very interested in seeing this. This is a part where you cross. In one moment, everything seems calm and still.

Then a current of water comes in.

The whole thing is flooded.

And then the water goes back and it is all the same again.

Then you pass through a stream.

Like a waterbody.

And suddenly a monstrous ship emerges.

And right in front of you, it sinks.

Then you pass through a quite road- like some city.

Go through a quite metro station.

Suddenly, there is a massive earthquake. Rocks of the metro station start coming up.

The metro station gets flooded with water.

And before you know, you are out of it. Passing through another quite waterbody.

Quite and still.

Suddenly there is a bomb explosion.

And fumes everywhere.

And then, out of no where, a shark comes towards you.

And leaps up at you.