10 February, 2013

Indian Sari for sale

Since I was traveling, the production was really slow.Some of you readers have been emailing me that when I would get my new lot. The chanderis are still being made. As I have stated earlier, chanderis do take long time to be woven. I have more demand and less supply. So please bear with me. Also please do not order from any of the previous sari posts. They are all sold out. Here is the newest collection. These saris are handwoven. I have limited stocks. Each piece is single and unique. If it gets sold out, I do not have its another one.
Quote the blog. In this case it is- http://www.kiransawhney.com/2013/02/indian-sari-for-sale.html

and the number written against each piece to place your order. To order, email me at

The price is quoted in Indian Rupees.
I ship internationally.
Shipping charges are extra.

All the ones below are Kora silk sarees

1. Rs. 21,000/-

2. Fuchsia. Rs. 15,000/-

3. Yellow sari with Oxblood border and palla. Rs. 19,000/-

4. Red sari with purple border. Rs. 19,000/-

5. Cream and red. Rs. 19,000/-

Palla of the above sari.

6. Cream and red. Rs. 19,000/-

7. Mint green. Rs. 16,000/-

Fuchsia Palla of the above sari

8. Indigo blue. Rs. 16,000/-

9. Yellow. Rs. 16,000/-

Below are few Coimbatore silk pieces. 
10. Cream and gold. Rs. 13,000/-


11. Cream and gold with 2 colored border and lotus.
Rs. 12,000/-
One side is fuchsia border

Other side is green border.

This is the palla.

Below are tussar sarees.

12. Rs. 8000/-

13. Rs. 8000/-

14. Rs. 8000/-

15. Rs. 8000/-

16. Rs. 10,000/-

17. Rs. 10,000/-

18. Rs. 9000/-

19. Rs. 10,000/-

20. Rs. 10,000/-

21. This is with contrast border on two sides. One border is fuchsia and other purple.
Rs. 11,000/-


22. With a touch of green and yellow. Rs. 10,000/-

23. Black and cream. Rs. 10,000/-

24. Rs. 9000/-

25. Rs. 10,000/-