07 February, 2013

Lufthansa Business class

And hence began my journey to home sweet home.
My sister and my nephew at San Fransisco Int Airport. It was time to say byes.

Entering business class lounge in the airport. I liked these huge big flowers decorated there.

In flight, from San Fransisco to Frankfurt.

The vegan salad served to me- It had artichokes, asparagus, bell peppers, zucchini, hummus. Fruit platter- strawberries, cantaloupe, orange.

This was the main course. And I did not like it because it was toooo spicy and hot. I did not eat it.

Saw this movie of Richard Gere, Arbitrage, on board. I liked it. In fact I saw 2-3 other movies. But this was the best.

And this was swerved as the next meal. Again the main dish was too spicy for my taste. So had only fruits.

Food at business class lounge in Frankfurt. Less vegan choices.

Seated on my next flight from Frankfurt to New Delhi. This was a super comfortable flight. This had a real flat bed. This is new aircraft of Lufthansa.

Enjoying my flat bed.

Potato chaat that was again too spicy for my taste. So I did not have it.

Green salad that I ate a little.

Food that I left unfinished. For some reason, Asian vegetarian/vegan food, in flight, means lot of chilly, that Yours Truly cannot have.

And I was back home after a long gap, ready to unpack my gigantic suitcases filled with shopping, organize the house and most important, start my Tango classes that begin from 9th Feb in Delhi. The information about it is here. Am jet lagged but looking forward to new things that are going to start soon.