13 February, 2013

Tango is expensive

Tango is expensive, exclusive, elite and sophisticated passion to pursue. Like golf, it is an activity, which requires that you have lot of money in your pocket. The Tango lessons, world over are expensive. Tango privates are even more so. Practicas, milongas, etc. do cost money and also your time. There are no free lunches. The more qualified and experienced, the teacher is, the more expensive, he/she is. You have to invest in classes, practicas, milongas, Tango clothes, Tango shoes, etc. Tango is very social. There is a lot of entertaining, going out, expensive wines, constant travels to attend Tango festivals for Tango addicts. Every Tango addict, dreams of traveling and spending big chunk of time in Buenos Aires. No one earns in Buenos Aires. There, everyone pays from their pockets constantly for every Tango lesson.
Yet, people of all ages, gender, nationalities join Tango and get addicted. Because it is fun, it is social, it is good for the mind, body and soul. Tango is not an intense workout. It does not help you to loose weight. Yet, world over, where ever I have attended milongas, I never saw a woman who was over weight. Men sometimes were. But not women. They were as light and dainty as a feather. I have almost come to a conclusion that in Tango, it is an unforgivable sin for a women to be heavy. I still have to figure out this invisible connection. Does Tango help women to be in shape or do women constantly take good care of themselves to be in best possible shape to look pretty in the milongas.