19 February, 2013

This is how I perceive My Tango.

Emperor Akbar drew a line with pen on a paper and asked Birbal, “Birbal, without rubbing and altering it how can you make it small?” Birbal immediately drew a longer line next to the one drawn by Akbar And said, “Emperor, your line has become smaller without rubbing or altering it.” Akbar could not help smiling at the smartness of Birbal. 

There are two ways to become bigger and better. You work on yourself, escalate your own level, reach higher, rise up, work on yourself and become better. The second option, chosen by low level people, people who are not secure and sure of their own potential, is to put the other person down, climb on their back and climb up. In second case, your success is not yours, not real, not long lived or permanent. But in the first case, you rise up with integrity. That is why it is important to work on your own skills rather than just working on destroying others. Destroying, manipulating, etc, brings in so much negative energy.

Shiva is the God of yogis. He is the destroyer, following Brahma- the creator and Vishnu- the preserver. Shiva destroys the ego. This includes shedding the old habits and attachments. While many Hindu deities are associated with different paths of Yoga and meditation, in Shiva, the art of meditation takes its most absolute form. In meditation, not only the mind is stopped, everything is dropped. Thus Shiva stands for "letting go". 

Lord Shiva- Nataraj, is the divine cosmic dancerNataraj's "Dance of Bliss", is where, under His feet, He crushes the demon of ignorance. His one hand stretches across his chest, pointing towards uplifted foot, signifying release from earthly bondage of the devotee. But the dance of Nataraj is also an act of creation, which arouses dormant energies. Yet another manifestation of Shiva is Hanuman, the ultimate karma yogi, who also single handedly destroyed and burnt whole of empire of Ravana (the demon). Shiva's dance is one of pure, unadulterated joy which comes from perfectly peaceful mind. 

The power or energy of Shiva is Shakti, his spouse Parvati. Shiva and Parvati are often shown as sitting in happy, intimate embrace.