01 March, 2013

Argentine Tango in Delhi

Daniel had told me, "let Tango grow beyond you. Your success will be when you see it growing beyond you." Daniel Trenner is and was a pioneer to bring Tango to US from Argentina. He said, he never kept Tango all to himself. His success was to let it grow. No one has a copyright on it.  Tango is free flowing. One should not even attempt to capture and own it. Tango is not a commodity. No one and Everyone has right on it.
In Argentina, which is the land of Tango, there are so many teachers teaching Tango. There is a common journal which lists various Tango teachers, milongas, classes, etc. Simultaneously, each teacher also has their own website, facebook page and group. 

I aim to teach my students only Argentine Tango. And together we aim to build a healthy community of Argentine Tango in Delhi/ India, free of jealousies, gossips, controversies and bickering.