10 March, 2013

Being Happy

Happiness is a state of mind. You can choose to be either happy or unhappy. People have a myth that being rich, famous, etc can give them happiness. The truth is that a millionaire might be very sad whereas a homeless person might be happy and uplifted. Happiness comes from within, from positive outlook, from right perspective and from priorities that one sets for oneself.
Certain things that you can do to be happy are:

Live in the present.
Be responsible for your own actions. Have a control of your life.
Be kind to others.
Do not compare yourself with anyone in any area. Not how others look like, how richer other person is than you, how the other person is in a better situation, etc.
Be yourself. Do not try to imitate anyone.
Surround yourself with only like minded people.
Do not seek any one's approval. Live your life on your terms and conditions. Listen to your own heart. Do not worry about what others would say or think about you.
DANCE. It does help to keep you happy- And if you dance tango, then certainly you have a cure to all the worries, tensions and unhappy situations. I can personally vouch for it.
Do not be afraid to speak your mind or to say the truth. Be honest and unapologetic about saying truth.
Choose your own destiny. Carve a niche for yourself. Do not wait for the destiny to take its own turn.