25 March, 2013

Miss India robots

I watched Miss India show last night. These days I barely watch television. I have no time for TV anymore. No time for much socializing. No time to read newspaper (I read all news online). And I am certainly not interested in any crappy news with gossip.
Anyways, coming back to Miss India- My son just happened to be there with me for 2 minutes and made a comment, "what are you watching? Don't they all look alike? Every Delhi girl, these days looks like this." And I wondered, he was so right.
These days everyone has access to all the cosmetic procedures. Everyone wears designer clothes. Everyone looks so alike- like a robot. There is no real beauty. It is all plastic. They gave pretty much the same answers. It was so boring.
The need of the day is real persona with some substance and depth. That will make you stand out.
Uplift yourself. Learn new things. Have goals, interests, ambitions, passions. Do things that make you happy without thinking about what others would think about you. It could be most basic and humble thing, which others may think nothing about but means a lot to you. Things as simple and basic as cleaning your wardrobe, cleaning the house, cooking, or maybe dancing. You have to prove nothing to others. You do not have to do a thing that others are doing, to be in the same league. You do not have to do it because it brings you more money or makes you famous. You have to do it because it makes you happy.
Surround yourself only with like minded people. People who understand you, friends who are there for you, ready to help you. Not social butterflies.
Life these days is very challenging, demanding and can get depressing if you do not have your orientation right. You can be happy with small basic things and you can be miserable even with tremendous fortune, fame and success. Choose and decide wisely what makes you happy. And that choice and decision has to be made only by you and should not be based upon how others would react. It should not harm anyone. And if it makes you happy then there should be no stopping. Choose, decide and act wisely.
Most of the times we want to be seen where everyone else is- where there is a big crowd. And we feel like a looser doing things which others are not doing. But for once try doing what you like irrespective of the fact whether others do it or not, approve of it or not. Be where you want to be irrespective whether there is a big crowd or not. You feel so happy and contended and would be a person of substance.