27 March, 2013

My Tango friends who make me smile

My Tango friends overseas are wonderful. Here is an example of our conversation which made me smile cheek to cheek.

Me: Oh! I miss milongas there. The quality dancers there. I am getting frustrated. I have my lovely students here, who are progressing so well and I have my own Tango community which is wonderful but I miss dancing with____, ___ and ____ there.
My Tango friend: It is OK. You just need pair of new shoes.

What my friend said was partly true but also what I said was so true. I love my students. We are doing so well together- classes, practicas, practilongas, milongas. I am just so proud of them. We are one big family. But having said that, I do crave to be back in Argentina soon.

Another conversation with another Tanguera

Me: Have you heard about this Tango teacher? Is she good? They claim she has 25 years of dancing experience.
My super advanced Tango friend from Argentina: That teacher with 25 years of dancing experience? If I dance like her after 25 years of experience, please come and shoot me.

And since then I have not stopped smiling.