17 March, 2013

Saris for sale

Here is the newest collection of exquisite, handwoven saris. I have limited stock of single and unique pieces. These saris take lot of time to be made and there is more demand and less supply. I am unable to meet wholesale orders. To place your order-
Quote the blog. In this case it is- http://www.kiransawhney.com/2013/03/saris-for-sale.html

and the number written against each piece. Email me at

The price is quoted in Indian Rupees.
I ship internationally.
Shipping charges are extra.
Please do not order from previous sari blogs. My pieces get sold fast and I am unable to reproduce them. I apologize, I have not been able to respond to your sale orders for previous sari blogs. Some of you have been impatiently waiting for me to put new pieces. But as I have expressed, I have limited supply and a demand that I cannot meet. I sell only through this blog. Kindly bear with me. 

1. Dhakai. All over Dhakai from Bangla Desh..
Rs. 9000/-

All over body.

2. Cream Chikan hand embroidery. Full Saree on mul mul
Rs. 9000/-

3. South Cotton. White and gold.
Rs. 15,000/-

4. Chanderi with tested zari- White, red and gold.
Rs. 5000/-

5. Chanderi. Cream red and black
Rs. 5000/-

6. Peach Chikan hand emroidered. 
Rs. 9000/-

7. Grey simple chanderi
Rs. 5000/-

8. Grey chanderi with roses
Rs. 5000/-

9. Gold chanderi sari
Rs. 11,000/-

10. Cream gold and silver chanderi sari
Rs. 10,000/-