24 May, 2013

Argentine Tango in New Delhi, India

What is this Tango bliss/ tango trance or tango connection? It is pure energy between exquisitely matched dancers and the music. They do not know where one body ends and the other begins. They dance in complete union, oblivious to everything and everyone around them. They are lost, yet in complete control. And they follow perfect musicality.

During my Tango training and my travel experience overseas, learning with top notch teachers, I learnt and observed one thing. Everywhere around the world, every student learning Tango goes to multiple teachers. Students have their calendars marked- Monday this teacher, Tue that teacher, wed this practica followed by that milonga, thursday another milonga. Teachers are secure. One teacher promotes the other, practices with the other. One milonga organizer promotes the other milonga. They announce the other milonga in their milonga. They even distribute the other's flyers and vice versa happens too. There is so much of positivity. There is no insecurity.
I dream when will my country have all that? When we just do Tango and no Tango politics? The Tango community in my city is wonderful. Just few dirty fishes.

We shall overcome
We shall overcome some day
Oh deep in my heart
I do believe
We shall overcome some day

I started Tango class today in a new place with 25 couples. The energy was so good. Out of them, only 2 were Indians. All beginners. It was really fun teaching them. They were such enthusiast learners.

And here NDTS- core group, after finishing a semi private session with Christina Sarioglan and Rojer Zalazar. They Winners of the European Tango championship. They are brilliant teachers.